CEO Services

Employment Contracts

Strategic Executive Services can help your company develop written employment contracts in order to document the relationship between a new employee and your company. Employment contracts are generally developed in order to clearly describe the job that an employee is to undertake for your business in exchange for a salary or reward. They are especially beneficial in situations where:

  • You want more control over an employee’s ability to stay with your company for a specific term when extensive training and development is required for a particular position; or to require them to give you enough notice to find and train a suitable replacement.
  • The employee will be learning confidential and sensitive information about your company and you wish to prevent them from disclosing the information for personal gain through legal clauses in the employment contract.
  • You wish to entice a highly-skilled individual to come work for you instead of the competition through contractual ‘job security’ and beneficial terms.
  • You wish to have better legal backing into an employee’s grounds for termination in the case they do not meet certain contractual obligations.

In order to accomplish these objectives, we will work with your company to determine additional employee contract items such as job duration, employee responsibilities, benefits (such as health insurance), trade secret protection, dispute resolutions, grounds for termination, and non-compete clauses.