Customer Advisory Boards

Without loyal customers, no company can thrive. Continually evolving customer needs affect every aspect of your business. Strategic Executive Services will devise the right competitive moves and best business approaches for your company to attract, satisfy and retain customers through our Customer Advisory Board service.

Customer Advisory Boards meet periodically to provide your company with valuable feedback on your services and products. Information gathered from these meetings is helpful at validating whether your company’s direction is attuned to your target markets’ needs or wants.

Most progressive companies are finding ways to connect with critical customers by fostering more in-depth and complex relationships. We can help you make those vital connections and demonstrate exactly how they will pay off in the long run.

SES will work with your company to determine the types of customer advisory boards needed to assist your company with its marketing and strategy goals. Our consultants will then help you build your board by determining the necessary qualifications, roles and responsibilities required of advisory board members in order to act as a proper representation of your customer base.