Marketing Strategies

SES consultants will apply creative problem-solving techniques and innovative strategic planning to make your brands, marketing and advertising solutions relevant to your customers. Strategic Executive Services can help you figure out WHO to target, and WHY… as well as WHAT to tell them (positioning) and HOW to support it to build profitable sustainable revenue growth.

Our experienced consultants will work with your company to fashion your marketing strategy in order to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Our marketing strategy process includes developing your proper Marketing Mix (product, price, place and promotion), identifying marketing goals and relevant tactics, and creating a timeline for successful implementation. Strategic Executive Services will then work with your executive team to test marketing progress for measureable results, and readjust strategy as necessary.

Each business has unique situations that can benefit from customized strategies, including market dominance, Porter generic, product, business model innovation, growth and more. We will work with your company to determine which marketing strategy will best help you increase sales and presence within your targeted market niche while at the same time remaining in-line with your overall company mission and vision.