Human Capital

Human Resource Integration

Strategic Executive Services can help your company with employee integration during the merger and acquisition process. Our experienced consultants will be able to assist you in seamlessly integrating acquired company staff into your current company culture through the use of innovative assessment and technology solutions.

Our assessments help discover learning gaps and inherent strengths of new employees so that your company can properly address their training needs and placement potential. We can evaluate leadership potential through our Critical Thinking Inventory as well as the behavioral tendencies needed for new employees to thrive within your current company culture. SES onboarding tools can also help your company ensure that new employees continue to adapt and grow within their positions, resulting in improved job performance and satisfaction.

In addition to assessments, SES will help you ease newly acquired hires into your company with our HR Information System (HRIS). This system will help make the onboarding process smoother by giving your employees the capability to complete all necessary paper work online (such as benefit enrollment and W4s). With our HRIS you can ensure all required paperwork has been completed prior to your new employees’ first day of work.

By enhancing employee onboarding procedures, you can experience a faster training and development process and the ability for employees to become contributors to your company sooner.